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Independent reviews of the York XC530


As of writing, there are nearly 70 reviews, which indicates a high level of popularity because, as a percentage, hardly anyone leaves reviews! Furthermore, it has an overall score of 4 stars, which means that a large majority are giving it 4 or 5 stars as, no matter how good something is, when there are that many reviews, there is always the odd critical one.

Typical 5 star comments include:

 Great purchase, excellent machine
This product is an excellent buy at the price and I am exceedingly pleased at my purchase. I bought this over an year ago and have used it consistently since then. It is very well made and lets you get on with your exercise.

Very sturdy in my experience. Once put together properly, the equipment is rock solid. The equipment parts are heavy for a reason; you’ll appreciate the sturdiness once you start using it. The handlebar movement was smooth and fluid, and more importantly, has continued to remain so.

 A wonderful piece of equipment!!!!!!!!!!!!
My previous machine, made by a different manufacturer, broke in the soldered joints but I am confident this machine is built to last.

I felt I was fairly fit before I started using my new machine but using it most days has certainly toned me and that is just for fifteen minutes a day. I put my earphones on and away I go, the time flies past, a very enjoyable experience, of course that is if you enjoy keeping fit. I love my YorkXC530, a sound investment and I would recommend it to everyone.

 The XC530 is GREAT…!!!
Excellent piece of equipment to excercise with, you will really notice after a few minutes of training.

What a purchase!!!
After trying it out, I was well chuffed (although shattered after 15mins). The movement quality is fantastic, very sturdy and very smooth. Even better than I had expected.

Quality piece of equipment
All of the pieces were absolutely rock solid – very well made and fitted where they were meant to go without any problems. No forcing or fiddling was necessary at all…

…Overall a solid, quality piece of equipment which works brilliantly either as a cross trainer or cycle. Easily assembled and very impressive. So pleased that I didn’t go for anything cheaper – this thing really is worth the money and if you register it your guarantee will be extended to 24 months.

Highly recommended – I’m over the moon with it and definitely made the right choice

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Some 4 star reviews:

York XC530 Elliptical/Cycle
The right-hand arm on mine was a bit loose (no matter how hard I tightened it) and clunked a bit in use but with one quick, helpful, businesslike (UK) phonecall, a replacement arrived in 24 hours – no questions asked. Exceptional service. As an exercise machine, the XC530 is everything it’s cracked up to be and gives a really good workout with plenty of readings

 Excellent value and quality
The quality of this machine is excellent. The manual I found perfectly clear and the tools supplied were perfect for the job – no others were required. It took me about 1.5 hours by myself to build it but I really can’t understand why this should be a problem.

Exercise bike…
Had this a year now and still working fine.. Great value exercise bike and fairly straightforward to put together, particulalrly if you can handle flat pack kits. Would highly recommend…


Critical reviews:
A couple of people complained that something broke after 2 years
My response: in small numbers, this can happen  to any piece of equipment, even something as well built and reliable as this.

Some complained that the building instructions were hard to understand.
My response: these complaints are directly contradicted by many other comments. If you follow the diagrams and the nut and bolts numbers, I don’t think you can’t go far wrong.

A couple complained about the Calorie counter not being accurate.
My response: I referred to this in my review but I really don’t think it justifies giving less than 4 stars, let alone 1 star!
After all, with activities such as jogging, swimming, skiing or cycling, you don’t get a calorie counter, but they’re all excellent ways of keeping fit!

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Overall score:  8.6 / 10  (38 reviews)

This sports and health equipment scores high on build quality.

It scores poorly on ease of storage.


Sample reviews:

Positive: Awesome piece of kit, sturdy, well built and smooth when in use. Relatively easy to put together (did this on my own), very quiet as well – well worth the money.

 Negative: Isn’t easy to store and is fairly heavy so can’t be moved that easily


Positive: Very good quality & ease of use – brilliant value for money

Negative:  Doesn’t go smaller to pack away / storage


Positive: Assembly instructions were a bit vague but once constructed the exerciser is excellent and easy to use. It is quite heavy and not easily moved around but that isn’t too much of a problem form me and it is comforting that it is so heavy and well constructed given my weight lol!

Negative: None

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